Контракт купли-продажи акций (short form)

Share Sale and Purchase Contract

(на английском языке)

Текст контракта

This Agreement, made in <страна, город>, on this <> day of <>, 20<>, between <Сторона 1>, a <юрисдикция> corporation, hereinafter called "Buyer," and <Сторона 2>, hereinafter called "Seller," witnesses:

WHEREAS, Buyer is a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the <юрисдикция> with principal office <юридический адрес> and

WHEREAS, Seller is the owner of the entire capital stock of <___________>, a corporation duly organized under the laws of <юрисдикция>, with principal offices in <юридический адрес>,

hereinafter called "Corporation," with authorized stock and issued stock in the amount of <количество акций> shares; and

WHEREAS, Buyer desires to purchase from Seller the entire capital stock of Corporation; and,

WHEREAS Seller is the owner of the entire issued stock of Corporation;

NOW, THEREFORE, that for and in consideration of the promises contained herein the parties hereto agree as follows:

1. Seller sells to Buyer and Buyer purchases from Seller (XX) shares of capital stock of Corporation for the sum of <0000000000000> USD.

2. The balance of <YYY> USD shall be evidenced by Buyer's promissory note payable to Seller, with interest at X percent (X %) per annum, with said note payable as follows: <ZZZ> Dollars plus interest each year on the _ day of _, beginning on _, 200_, with the last payment to be made on _, 20__.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, _, as Seller, has signed these presents on the date next to his/her name, and _, as Buyer, has caused these presents to be signed by its President and attested to by its Secretary on the date written next to their names, certifying that the obligations undertaken herein were approved by the Board of Directors of _, in accordance with its by-laws at a duly called meeting of said Board.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, _, acting through its President and its Secretary, likewise ratifies the obligations undertaken in this agreement on the date written next to their names.


Signed for and on behalf of Seller

……………………………, Managing Director

Date - XX.XX.20XX

(commercial stamp)     

Signed for and on behalf of Buyer

……………………………., Director General

Date - XX.XX.20XX

(commercial stamp)

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